5 Favorite Legno Bastone Flooring Colors and Styles

When it comes to home upgrades, few add more appeal and bang for your buck than new flooring. With that being said, there are endless options to explore, and you may not know quite where to start. If you’re looking for longevity, value, and a luxury aesthetic, your best choice is genuine hardwood flooring. Renowned brands like Legno Bastone flooring add warmth and timeless appeal to your home.

Whether you’re looking to update your interior for your own enjoyment or you’re planning to sell in the next few years, it’s best to discover what’s trending now. Weathered and gray tones dominated the last decade, but light, beachy nudes are taking over. Planks are also getting wider and longer, making spaces more open and inviting. When you choose elegant Legno Bastone flooring, you’ll enjoy a range of stunning styles in high-density European White Oak. In addition, dense grain variations add unique texture and dimension to flooring. Which styles and colors are right for your home?

Dolce Vita Amantea - Legno Bastone Flooring1.  Dolce Vita Amantea

It’s a sweet life, and Dolce Vita flooring imbues your home with the beautiful, modern aesthetic that makes life even sweeter. If you’re looking to adopt the lighter, nude wood look, this style has several color variations to consider. Amantea stands out as perhaps the closest to natural, European White Oak. The pattern adds incredible character without unduly darkening the planks. The pale, cornsilk hue of Amantea is brushed with dense but delicate graining and intermittent knots in rich, earthy brown.

Like all of the flooring in the Legno Bastone line, this style benefits from a UV cured, all-natural hard wax oil finish, along with an artisan controlled, wire brush surface treatment. The end result is a high-end look and feel that adds incredible beauty and value to your home.

2. Vino Chianti

While pale, champagne-hued Prosecco may be more on-trend, Chianti has a lot to offer the homeowner seeking a richer natural wood tone. This mid-tone color provides both beauty and utility for busy households. It’s light enough to bounce light rather than absorb it but dark enough to hide the dust and dirt of daily life. Available in 140mm width and lengths up to 2000mm or longer (minimum 60% full-length boards).

LaFamiglia Franchino - Legno Bastone Flooring3.  LaFamiglia Franchino

Franchino remains on the lighter side, but it’s far from washed out. Many homeowners love the warmth of wood but don’t necessarily want a honeyed, golden oak that smacks of the kitchen cabinets in their childhood home. The pale gold of Franchino strikes the perfect balance, with just a hint of sunny appeal to warm up nude wood. Available in 180mm width and lengths up to 1950mm or longer (minimum 75% full-length boards).

4.  Dolce Vita Taormina

The Dolce Vita style gets a second mention here because it best embodies the trend of wider, longer planks. With a plank width of 260mm and lengths up to 1950mm or longer (minimum 75% full-length boards), this style is best suited to creating the airy, open spaces modern homeowners prefer. The Taormina style is decidedly darker than the tones currently dominating interior design, with muted chocolate hues and espresso graining. However, it’s suited to a range of needs and preferences.

European Elegance Lisburn - Legno Bastone Flooring5. European Elegance Lisburn

Slightly darker and richer than Dolce Vita Amantea, the Lisburn color from the European Elegance line offers a trendy, sandy hue that leans just a touch toward taupe. It’s by no means ashy, but it does offer a contemporary aesthetic that will appeal to anyone who prefers a cool color palette. Planks are available in a width of 220mm and lengths up to 1950mm or longer (minimum 75% full-length boards).

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Perhaps you prefer a more classic or masculine design. Maybe you want to make a large space feel cozier, or you need a darker shade to counterbalance lofty, vaulted ceilings. You might be looking for flooring to complement a rustic home style. Or you may just want to hide the dust and dirt common to homes with children and pets. Taormina makes for a rich, timeless addition to any interior in each case.

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