Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a durable option that can stand the test of time. Solid wood can be sanded and repaired over the years. It is also the best choice when it comes to pets and children, who can do a number on floors. However, there are other ways hardwood floors can become damaged. We want to go over the common mistakes people make that contribute to this. So, don’t make these mistakes with your hardwood floors:

1. Using The Wrong Cleaners

We have previously discussed the right cleaners to use. However, there are ones you should avoid. First, avoid ammonia and alkaline products. They are abrasive cleaners that can dull or scratch the finish. Also, don’t use vinegar or lemon juice. While it might seem like an eco-friendly alternative, it can also damage the floor’s seal. Also, many say to avoid oil-based cleaners. While they aren’t harmful to your hardwood, they can make them slippery. Instead, consider using Bona wood cleaners.

2. Incorrect Vacuum Attachments

Vacuuming for your carpet and your hardwood are very different. Many multi-featured vacuums have the ability to switch between carpet and hard surfaces. This means the rotating brushed are geared up as not to scratch or damage non-carpeted floors. However, if your vacuum doesn’t do this, don’t use it on your hardwood floors. The bristles are too abrasive for wood materials. This applies to attachments as well. Make sure you use soft brush attachments or felt components.

3. Too Much Liquid

Wooden floors are porous. This means they hold and absorb moisture. So try to avoid excessive amounts of water. It can cause the wood to buckle or discolor, depending on the wood type. While it is hard to avoid small spills, try to clean them up quickly. Also, don’t wet mop your floor like you would tiles. You can still mop, just avoid a saturated brush. Instead, dry mop or have a slightly damp mop. Your wood floors (and you) will appreciate it.

4. No Regular Maintenance

This is probably the most common mistake we see. While wood is durable and long-lasting, it will be even more so with regular maintenance. Cleaning them, like sweeping, at home is important. A Bona deep clean is recommended once a year. So is repairing scratched or damaged floorboards. The sooner you repair, the less money you spend and less damage can be extended to other floorboards. It’s just like a car. With regular maintenance, you pay less over time than if you don’t do anything and you need a whole engine replaced.

We hope this helps you to better take care of your hardwood. Elite Hardwood Flooring also provides hardwood installation, sanding, and refinishing. If you are looking for new hardwood flooring or to maintain your current flooring, give us a call today.