Most Harmful Cleaning Products for Hardwood Floors You Want to Avoid

Protecting that beautiful hardwood flooring is not always easy. Avoiding scuffs and scratches can be difficult between careless kids, sliding furniture, and crazy pets. But those aren’t the only threats to your beautiful home that you want to keep an eye on. There are several harmful cleaning products for hardwood flooring that can cause even more widespread damage.

To catch you up on exactly which cleaning products they are, we’ve created a list of the biggest perpetrators. Make sure to avoid them next time you’re looking to make those floors sparkle.

1. Vinegar-Based Products

Natural products are incredibly popular today, and when it comes to cleaning products, vinegar is often a key natural ingredient. However, when cleaning your hardwood flooring, you should avoid vinegar at all costs. Vinegar is acidic, which means that it’s going to wear away at your hardwood flooring over time.

It may take a while to notice, but when you do, it’ll be far too late. The finish will wear away, and the wood beneath will become damaged. That’s not a headache you want to be dealing with. Take a look at the ingredients of any cleaning product you’re considering. If you see vinegar on there at all, look for another one.

2. Glass Cleaning Products

You’re surely aware that glass cleaning products are often used on glass, not hardwood flooring. But did you know that glass cleaning products can actually do damage to your floors? The formula in products like Windex contains abrasive chemicals that glass can handle with ease. Hardwood flooring cannot. Even if you’ve run out of your regular cleaning products and really need some backup, reconsider using that Windex.

3. Ammonia-Based Products

One of the most common abrasive chemicals is ammonia. It can effectively clean lots of things, but it’s not among the recommended cleaning products for hardwood flooring. Ammonia will damage the surface of your hardwood floors and wear away at the layers beneath them. Whenever you’re looking for a new floor cleaner, always check for ammonia in the ingredients.

4. Soapy Water

Soap and water are a classic cleaning combination, so you might be somewhat shocked to learn that when it comes to cleaning your hardwood flooring, you should avoid soapy water altogether. Excess water can damage the flooring, and the soap can leave a trouble-making residue. That residue will leave your floor duller, slippery, and full of footprints and other marks.

5. Bleach

Bleach is another cleaning product that can work wonders on an array of different surfaces. However, hardwood flooring is definitely not one of them. Bleach causes discoloration, which is precisely what it can do to your beautiful floors. Don’t use it on hardwood at all.

What Are Some Good Cleaning Products for Hardwood Flooring?

Now that you know what not to use, you’re probably curious about what you can use. There are several great products you can use to clean your floor. A good rule to follow is to look for anything explicitly marketed for cleaning hardwood. We highly recommend Bona Hardwood cleaners.

You may be tempted to choose a more multipurpose product, but it’s better to stick with what you know won’t do any damage. Please don’t put your beautiful floor at risk by using products that weren’t made for it.

Need Help with Your Hardwood Floors?

Maybe you read this blog after already using one of the products listed. Don’t panic! Elite Hardwood Flooring can help you restore your floors and have them looking better than ever. Just contact us today to schedule your consultation.