Why Pick an NWFA-Certified Floor Installer, and What Does it Mean?

Remodeling your home can be a big endeavor. You may have many questions, and with so many providers and even more options, it’s hard to know where to start. There’s one thing you can do when it comes to your flooring, and that’s to make sure that you choose an NWFA-Certified Floor Installer. For homes in Annapolis and the surrounding area, Elite Hardwood Flooring is the name for you.

What is the NWFA?

The National Wood Flooring Association is an international non-profit that is considered the leading authority of flooring techniques. They cover manufacturers, distributors, inspectors, and installers, and they hold each of them to the highest standard possible.

A growing list of manufacturers in the flooring industry recommends using an NWFA professional for proper installation. That’s because an NWFA-certified technician believes in pursuing quality products and the best services and education. Being an NWFA-Certified Floor Installer means going above and beyond in your field.

Benefits of an NWFA-Certified Floor Installer

Unlike other flooring services in Maryland, an NWFA-Certified Floor Installer like Elite Hardwood Flooring has gone through comprehensive training and education related to wood flooring. That is more than a one-day course and a printed certificate. To gain installer certification, you must complete the following steps:

  • Be an established member of the NWFA
  • Have three or more years of experience installing hardwood
  • Pass the NWFA University Online Installation Track, training, and testing
  • Attend NWFA Intermediate training and complete hands-on testing
  • Sign a Certified Installer Code of Conduct

This process makes it impossible to coast through the system. The requirements differ depending on what kind of certification you’re aiming to get. Still, the undeniable fact is that the National Wood Flooring Association requires either established experience or proof of intent.

A floor installer certified by the NWFA will know the latest technique and science behind the flooring industry, reflecting in the work they do. They’ll know the best way to do the highest quality job, and they’ll possess the skills and training to make that happen. That’s the biggest reason why the organization doesn’t throw its certification out lightly.

Your flooring is an investment. The National Association of Home Builders has estimated that your wood flooring can last up to a hundred years if you keep it properly maintained. That’s a long time! So the flooring you choose today may pass down to the next generation. For that reason, you want to make sure it’s installed the best way possible. That’s another reason you should choose a flooring installer with NWFA-Certification. When you make that extra effort, you get to work with a genuine professional with experience, integrity and drive.

Working with Elite Hardwood Flooring

Elite Hardwood Flooring specializes in hardwood installation, dustless sanding, and finishing for hopes around Annapolis. Our entire service menu can suit any flooring you could need, including exotic woods and Chevron or Herringbone patterns. What’s more, we can install over concrete slabs or radiant heat systems, making any space a prime contender for a beautiful layer of hardwood.

We’re incredibly proud of the certifications we’ve accumulated over the years. Elite is both FSC- and USGBC-Certified Suppliers because we believe in working with green and eco-friendly products. We’re Bona Certified Craftsmen, another program that trains contractors to revive, restore or refinish floors. And yes, we are NWFA-Certified Floor Installers.

So if you want a transparent flooring company that’s willing to put in the homework to do your job right, go with Elite Hardwood Flooring! We’re an NWFA-certified flooring installer, and we can install reliable flooring you’ll have all your life. Contact us today to get started.