10 Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring Inspiration Ideas

Legno Bastone is a globally recognized brand in authentic wide-plank hardwood flooring. Their products have been popular throughout Europe since they first opened in the late 1800s and are now used coast-to-coast in the US. Legno Bastone offers the height of quality. You can find the right choice for your home from these ten hardwood flooring inspiration ideas from Legno Bastone:

1.  Amantea

Part of the Legno Bastone Dolce Vita collection, Amantea is a gorgeous flooring option. This stunning European white oak with UV-cured hard wax oil provides a distinct light tone. It also features excellent texture from artisan-controlled wired brush treatment. It’s a fantastic choice for just about any wide plank flooring design.

2. Pompeii

Also, from the Legno Bastone Dolce Vita collection, Pompeii offers a warmer tone and unique texture that would be the perfect fit for both rustic and modern home styles. Pompeii has a width of 260mm, like the other fine options available in the Dolce Vita collection.

3. Belmonte

Belmonte is another excellent option from the Dolce Vita collection. The warmth and honey tone of this flooring provides a natural and inviting look for your home. It’s well-suited to just about any room in your home.

4. Geneva

Geneva is a selection from the European Elegance collection by Legno Bastone. It is an incredibly distinct choice that can allow for a bold and refined aesthetic. The dark finish provides a great look for the European white oak. Like other choices from the European Elegance collection, Geneva is available in a width of 220mm.

5. Portofino

Portofino is one of the most popular choices among all of the Legno Bastone collections. It has a distinctly cooler tone that makes it very well-suited for many different styles. It also looks very natural and would fit flawlessly in any traditional home.

6. St. Moritz

St. Moritz is another prime example of the versatility of the European Elegance collection. The light tone and very subtle hint of coolness offer a non-descript yet elegant option. St. Moritz can provide hardwood flooring inspiration for just about any style of home.

7. Rosina

Rosina is a wonderful addition to the LaFamiglia collection. Like other choices in the collection, it is available in a 180mm width. Rosina provides a beautiful natural European white oak appearance with an overall neutral tone. You can use Rosina anywhere to elevate without overshadowing your home’s style.

8. Antonietta

Antonietta is a rich European white oak finish in the LaFamiglia collection by Legno Bastone. The honey tone of the finish really comes through in this option. The wood’s natural grain is also highlighted very well, offering a vibrant aesthetic. Antonietta is the perfect choice for a welcoming and warm living area.

9. Luigi

Luigi is an incredibly striking choice from the LaFamiglia collection. It’s among the darkest finishes available from Legno Bastone, making it a top pick for many styles. The rich darkness of the European white oak still lets the grain through, providing an unmistakable natural hardwood appearance.

10. Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is a unique choice from the Vino collection. This collection features a width of 140mm. Nebbiolo features a subtle European white oak finish that looks gorgeous in a modern home. Slightly cool but primarily neutral, the unique coloring is something most haven’t seen in hardwood before.

Hardwood Flooring Inspiration for Your Home or Business

If you’re looking for the perfect match for your home or business, Legno Bastone offers a wide range of options to give you ample hardwood flooring inspiration.

You can find Legno Bastone and other brands at Elite Hardwood Flooring. We have many styles and finishes available to see at our showroom in Annapolis, Maryland. So reach out today to find the perfect flooring fit for your next project.