How to Choose Your Hardwood Flooring Based on Your Design Style

Hardwood floors are a top flooring choice for most homeowners. It’s durable, timeless, and ideal for many lifestyles while bringing value to the home. When choosing the perfect wood floor for your home, many consider color and budget before committing to a hardwood type. However, you might not think about their overall design style.

Installing new hardwood flooring is an investment, so you want to choose one you love. Should they be wide? How about the stain? Dark or light? Walnut or oak? With so many options, it can be overwhelming. That is why our team at Elite Hardwood Flooring assists our customers in the selection process. Here is our advice.

What is Your Design Style?

To start, it really helps to understand your design style. There are actually a lot of different ones to choose from, for simplicity, we will be using the top ten most popular design styles according to Architectural Digest. Here is a breakdown of what they are and what hardwood flooring is best with those design styles.

1. Scandinavian

This particular style is about functionality with clean, straight lines. It is minimalistic at its core and monochromatic. Since nature is at the forefront of this design aesthetic, hardwoods are the most common flooring option. Since the colors tend to have low contrast, you want to stay with very light finishes. We’d recommend the Legno Bastone’s Vino with a Prosecco finish. This is a white oak with a very pale finish.

2. Japandi

Combining the Scandinavian style with Japanese design elements, Japandi styles also value natural elements. However, with Japanese influence, you’ll find richer color palettes. Therefore if you are going more toward the influence of darker tones, we recommend the European Elegance in Lisburn finish. It is a perfect blend of incorporating the two cultural influences.

3. Boho

Short for bohemian, this term was used in France for Romani people who were thought to be from Bohemia and lived an unconventional lifestyle. Since then, many generations have adopted this term to mean more eclectic. There is a lot of versatility with this style and no real set of rules. Still, with many using bright and bold patterns in their design, we recommend the Vino in a Chianti finish.

4. Mediterranean

Similar to boho in its love of bright colors, Mediterranean design styles are rich and vibrant. The difference is an emphasis on the serenity and seaside influences of the Mediterranean. Since you will often time come across tiles and ceramics, hardwood flooring should complement those tones. For this, we recommend the Dolce Vita in a Pompeii finish.

5. Country House

Very common in the south, this is making a comeback in a big way. Some call it country chic or farmhouse, but no matter what, wood is an essential element in this design. From the wooden beams to grandma’s furniture, there will be a mix of wood types and colors. For this look, you want hardwood flooring that can stand up to a variety of wood tones. For that, we recommend the European Eleagance in the Frankfurt finish.

6. Mid-Century Modern

This is a very popular style that gives an ode to the iconic designs of the 1950s and 60s. You’ll find a mix of bold fabrics, shiny metal accents, and cozy furniture. And while the hardwood floor will most definitely have accent rugs, it will be reflective of the bold character of this style. For midcentury hardwood flooring, we say go with a dark look using the Vino in a Brunello finish.

7. Industrial

This style has a flair for the dramatic but in a very minimalistic way. You are looking at the use of many natural materials throughout the space. This includes exposed brick and pipes, clean sharp lines, and rough concrete. There might be splashes of color, but the tones tend to stay blue and or rust-colored. For this aesthetic, we recommend a more worn-in look with the Lafamiglia in an Arturo finish.

8. Bauhaus

The Bauhaus design style is born from a German artistic movement in the early 1900s by the same name. The characteristics of this style are marked by abstract shapes, simple color schemes, and open space. Color is used very deliberately, so the flooring shouldn’t be the main show. That is why we would recommend a grey finish such as Santorini in our European Elegance collection.

9. Minimalism

While many other design styles incorporate minimalism, by itself, it can seem cold or impersonal. However, many find relaxation in the clean, simple composition of this home look. Because of that, you want hardwood that blends well into the space. For this design style, go with either a very white/grey finish like the European Elegance in Cortina or a very pale look with the Dolce Vita in Coreca.

10. Traditional

If you tend to love a more classic design style, traditional is perfect for you. Instead of chasing the latest trend, this focuses on being timeless. You’ll typically see neutral wall colors against darker solid wood furniture. There will also be Baroque-inspired design elements. When choosing the right color hardwood floor for a traditional style, we recommend the Lafamiglia in the Luisa finish.

Need Help Choosing the Perfect Hardwood Flooring?

We can help! Keep in mind there is more than one choice for every one of these design styles. Our recommendations are based on a broad understanding of these aesthetics. However, every home and homeowner is different. And there are also other things to consider when you plan your hardwood-flooring projects. For example, lifestyle, maintenance needs, and budget. Still, no matter the colors or undertones, hardwood flooring will always add a beautiful touch to your home. Contact Elite Hardwood Flooring, and we will help you find the perfect style of flooring for you.