How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Pets

Protect Hardwood Floors from PetsNows a good time to ask: are you a dog person or a cat person? Well if you are like some 36 million other homeowners, you have at least one or the other, if not both. And while there are many things that can hurt your beautiful hardwood floors, nothing is harder to avoid than pet damage. That is why we want to discuss how to protect your hardwood floors from pets.

For Cat People

Did you know cat people tend to own more Androids, take time to adopt new technology, and more likely to be introverts? Fun facts. Another one: cat urine can ruin hardwood floors. When possible, clean up cat pee as soon as possible. If left long, their urine can decompose making it more corrosive. Basically, if left long enough it is the equivalent of undiluted ammonia. Yuck!

Cleaning Tips

If caught soon, wipe it up, soaking up as much as you can. The next issue is typically cats like to pee in the same spot. Many people think you need to sand the wood, this isn’t necessarily the case. The earlier the better. While we always recommend talking to your hardwood provider first, if you can’t here are some other options:

  • Clean with regular dish soap and water. Try to dilute the area and smell as much as possible. Be careful about how much water is used.
  • Use an enzyme-based cleaner. This can breakdown the smell and most hardwoods can hold up to the treatment.

Do not use any cleaning products that contain ammonia. This only encourages cats to re-mark the area. Also, don’t use hot water, as heat can help set the stain.

For Dog People

Fun facts for dog owners: you are more likely to have an outgoing personality, enjoy comedy, and own an iPhone. Not so fun fact: your dog’s toenails can scratch up your hardwood floors. And while their pee isn’t as horrid as cat pee, it is a lot more. If not cleaned quickly, it can cause damage. But back to those toenails…

Preventing Damage

While minor scratches will happen over time, dog toenails are designed to help them grip. They can dig in when running and playing. However, there are some simple solutions to help prevent this:

  • Cut their toenails. Seems simple, but a lot of homeowners don’t know how often to do this. It varies for each dog, but usually, if they touch the ground, they need to be cut.
  • Use rugs in traffic areas. This is not only good for dogs but us humans too. Putting rugs in high traffic areas helps protect hardwood floors overall.
  • Make sure your hardwood floors are maintained properly. While this should be done for a number of reasons, having them regularly taken care of makes them more scratch resistant.

Even with all that, dogs and hardwood floors can co-exist. There is no reason you can’t have beautiful hardwood floors and your furry-friends.

If you are a pet owner looking to refinish or install hardwood floors, we can help. Call us today to talk with our team about the best options for pet-friendly flooring. Also, check out our showroom.