Awesome Hardwood Floor Patterns to Inspire You

There are many aspects to consider when installing new hardwood floors. Color, size, type of wood, and pattern. Many households have straight patterns, which is traditional. However, there are many more you can choose from, all of which have stunning results. It all really comes down to your style. Below are a few examples of hardwood floor patterns. This is not an exhaustive list but hits the popular options.

Herringbone Hardwood Floor PatterHerringbone

This pattern is gaining more and more popularity over the years. Even so, it’s not new. One of the earliest examples is from 1539! It has always been a sign of luxury, and when you see them, you can understand why.

Visually, the floor is stunning. You can do it throughout a space or use it in a smaller space, like a bathroom or foyer. Some choose one color, others pic variations to give it a more rustic look.

It works with thin or wide wood boards. With this pattern, precision is key. We highlight recommend you get professional to install this pattern. Not only is a lot of cuts, but one small mistake can throw off the entire floor.


Another way to add visual impact is to install your flooring diagonally. Instead of choosing a traditional horizontal or vertical hardwood floor pattern, this helps draw your eye. For example, if you have a fireplace in the corner, the wood flooring can be laid at the diagonal to reach the fireplace as a focal point.

Hallways can also benefit from diagonal hardwood flooring patterns as it creates a visual element when compared to traditional installations. Since Maryland is also so close to DC, we are all familiar with rowhomes. and have some ourselves. Especially in historic towns, rowhomes are skinny townhouses. Having a diagonal wood pattern helps give an illusion that the room is wider than it is and add visual interest.

Chevron Hardwood Floor PatterChevron

Very similar to herringbone, chevron is also gaining popularity. This floor pattern is similar to the herringbone style but the cut angles are different. With chevron, you have planks that are cut at a 45-degree angle. With herringbone patterns, the plants are cut at a 90-degree angle. A chevron installation will create a zigzag pattern that will come to a point at the top of each zigzag. In large planks, this style can create amazing visual interest in the home.

It is can be expensive to install than herringbone bone. It also creates a feeling of movement with the arrows. If you are looking to go trendy but classic, this might just be the pattern for you.

Picture Frame

This flooring installation pattern might be one that you are unfamiliar with. The flooring is installed in such a way to resemble a picture frame. You have a border near the top of the installation that encloses the ends of the rows of flooring that is running perpendicular. If you cannot visual this, here are some examples on Pinterest.

The border can be a different color stain than the rest of the hardwood flooring or even a design pattern. The options are endless, and this type of installation can create a unique floor element for your home. Many homeowners use this look in formal dining areas and foyers.

We Can Help!

These are just a few examples of hardwood floor pattern types you can install in the home. Elite Hardwood Flooring has been bringing beautifully designed hardwood floors into Maryland homes for two decades. Check out our showroom online or visit us in downtown Annapolis. We are here to help you make your house a home.