Tips for Picking the Right Color Wood Flooring

Choosing the right color wood flooring for your new project is no easy decision. Especially when it’s a significant investment and one you’ll have to live with for quite some time. Your new wooden floors should ultimately complement your walls, furnishings, cabinetry, architecture and color scheme. Thus, it helps to consider the existing room and house before landing on a random color you like best. To help you along, we have a few tips for picking the right color wood flooring for your home.

Complement Your Space

right color wood flooring feature

Dark wood floors have become more popular and trendy in home design over the last few years. In particular, dark flooring is not only visually stunning but it’s incredibly versatile. Not only does it look great with a variety of colors and fabrics, but it compliments your furniture, whether you have modern, rustic wood, linen, or leather furniture. It also blends well with an array of home and room styles, including formal and rustic.

Consider the Size of the Room

If you are remodeling a smaller room, lighter floors, like beige or light oak, will open it up and create the illusion of more space. Lighter flooring will also invite more light into a darker room. Conversely, if you are remodeling a large, wide room then a darker floor, like wengé or walnut, will make the room feel smaller and much cozier.

Think About Scratches and Dents

Rooms with high traffic, such as kitchen and living rooms, are at risk for quick scratches and dents in the flooring. To conceal future imperfections, choose a natural-colored wood floor, like pine or oak wood, without a glossy finish. All in all, the scratches and dents will look like they belong and no one will know the difference.

Take Home Wood Samples

Before choosing the right color wood flooring, pick up a few wood samples and compare at least three colors in your home. Hold the samples up to your walls and compare it to the color of your furniture and walls. This will give you a good estimate of how you’ll feel about the entire floor being covered in a certain color. Also, remember to look at your wood floor samples in daylight and under nighttime artificial light.

Choose Elite for Your Next Project

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