Shoes On or Off in the House? Is One Better Than the Other?

Should you take your shoes off in the house, or should you keep them on? While many people believe that you should keep your shoes on while in the house to protect your feet, is it really all that beneficial? Sadly – no. In fact, you could be doing more harm than you think to yourself and your hardwood flooring.

Here’s Why You Should Take Off Your Shoes When You Enter the House

There are many reasons why you might choose to wear your shoes in the house. You might want to avoid offending others with your foot odors, or you might just want to keep your feet clean in general. The problem is that you may be harboring nasty bacteria in those shoes, and your feet don’t have the chance to breathe and air out. Of course, you are also running the risk of damaging your hardwood floors by tracking in oils, dirt, germs, and general grime.

Not convinced that shoes belong off in the house? Here are some of the most common benefits of taking off your shoes once you’re home:

1. Your Feet Can Breathe

shoes off in the house - Elite Hardwood FlooringWhen you’re out and about, your feet sweat – whether you’re wearing socks or not. If you aren’t allowing your feet enough time to air out and breathe, you’re letting them sit in a moist environment that is likely harboring a plethora of bacterial growth. Then, when you finally do take them off, you’re spreading those bacteria to the other surfaces in your home.

2. Shoes Track in Harmful Bacteria

Not only are the inside of your shoes capable of harboring bacteria, but studies have also shown that the soles of your shoes are capable of tracking bacteria into the home. Some of these bacteria, which can make you and your family extremely ill, include:

  • coli
  • diff
  • Staphylococcus aureus
3. Shoes Track in Other Allergens and Harmful Substances

Finally, you want to be aware of where you go throughout your day and what your shoes are picking up.  When you don’t remove your shoes upon entering your home, you run the risk of tracking in any number of unknown allergens that can get trapped in the cracks of your flooring. Then as you walk through the home, they are thrown back into the air and can cause your loved ones to have allergic reactions.

Not only that but outside debris and substances can cause significant damage to your flooring. Ever had a rock stuck in the tread of your shoes? Those little stones can cause big damage, especially to softer woods.

Protect Your Home with Elite Hardwood Flooring

Proper footwear has its time and place. Taking your shoes off in the house helps ensure that your family remains healthy and helps to protect the longevity of your hardwood flooring. Don’t bring the outside in and allow it to wreak havoc on your floors. Have questions or need help choosing your new flooring? Contact us today and get the answers you need!