How To Choose The Best Hardwood Floor and Wall Color Combinations

When a hardwood floor grabs your heart, choosing the best wall colors to go with it will guarantee the design pops. But how do you pick the best hardwood floor and wall color combinations? Doesn’t that require an interior designer? Not anymore.

Before you decide on the best wall color and hardwood floor combinations, you’ll need to pick the floor color. The right flooring choice will breathe new life into the space. When combined with the best wall colors, the hardwood floors can make your home feel brand new.

1. How the Space Speaks to Your Hardwood Floor and Wall Colors

When making your flooring decision, consider the room size and amount of light. The right hardwood floor color choice can make a small space feel large. Lighter colors often create the illusion of spaciousness. It can also make a big space feel cozy – earthy flooring colors bring warmth to the room.

You can make a dark space feel light and airy by introducing bright wood tones. And if your space is too bright, a dark hardwood can ground it with warm earthy tones. The room will also help dictate how to lay the flooring.

Once you decide which hardwood floor color family works best in the space, stop by a trusted hardwood flooring showroom for samples. Take these into the space and see how they work with the surroundings.

2. How to Match Your Hardwood Floor and Wall Colors

While the space can speak into this as well, what you want to achieve in the room helps this decision. Picking the right color and choosing the right wood tone make all the difference.

  • Lighter-colored hardwood floors often work best with lighter paint colors. Whites, beiges, grays, and tans are wall colors that complement light-colored hardwood floors.
  • Darker-colored floors also benefit from lighter, more neutral-colored walls. Picture the hardwood flooring as the star of the show and the wall colors as the co-star. Lighter wall colors accentuate deep, rich hardwood colors. Creating a contrast between the floors and walls often leads to a wonderfully dramatic effect.

But what if the hardwood floors aren’t dark or light? While this might seem like a quandary, it actually provides nearly endless options. Using medium-colored hardwood floors opens the door to all sorts of wall color combinations. Adding an accent wall with a brighter color can also spotlight the beauty of your hardwood flooring.

Match Your Hardwood Flooring and Wall Colors with Elite Hardwood Flooring

Installing new hardwood flooring can feel daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve considered all this information and still aren’t sure what to do, you can benefit from professional hardwood installation.

Conversely, you might not need to replace your current hardwood floors if you’re not satisfied with their condition. Refinishing your hardwood floors provides color options as well. You can change light-colored floors to dark, dark to light, or anything in between.

Ready to revive your space with new hardwood floor and wall color combinations? Contact Elite Hardwood Flooring to start beautifying your space today.